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Te Quiero With Salted Dopamine

By Kevin Kane 









Swept tide of eye gaze seizing our pulse

Swallowing her Cabernet by the gulps


Sweet red lip scenes of evaporated breathing

Te quiero sweetened with salted dopamine


Intravenous Icarus running down a fleeting scene

Out of our eyes and into a magnificent dream


Elevating beyond the horizon in heart abstraction

Awakened by a love unavailable in real interaction


Superposition, the necromancer meta question

Memory vapors dead and live in resurrection


Shadows of the flavor of love stored in memory

To be or not to be, the evasive question of destiny

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.45.49 PM.png

Fleeting Transcendence
By Kevin Kane 





Fading body stale feeling of failed superposition healing
Tempo pace orthogonal to that lovely melancholy feeling

Romantic nights under fading Stockholm early AM lights
Material escape into steady mirror meta spiritual flights

Awake anchored non-linear time with sweet red wine
Beneath the rays of light slow motion late night nine

Decelerating pulses decaying to laying fertile grasses
Stardust to rust in ranging crashes to entropic ashes

Relativity moments of being with no beyond meaning
Like fleeting romance lost love and ending my being

A soft kiss on the lips entangled gazes late night dazes
The best life gets when we are not lost in the races

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