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Insecurity is a Societal Liability

Lately, I've heard a lot about guys who constantly tell their girlfriends what they are not good at. A lot of guys do it because their brains are not well developed, and so they are intimidated by intelligent women who are more capable than them, and they want to insult them and lower their self-esteem to feel more relevant. Many of those women are not trying to compete with their men, and that's not what they're looking for from them. And a guy is way too insecure with himself if that's how he sees it and not as she is trying to be.

If you don't want a brilliant woman, something is wrong with you, and that thing that is wrong with you shouldn't get any empathy.

I'm fascinated by intelligent women. I want to learn everything I can from them and sit and listen to them talk and share things I didn't know. I like to see what they see and grow where they grow. If this is not your mindset, you shouldn't get any empathy from society and be allowed to suffer as you are for being that way. You don't deserve an opportunity in life if this is you. You don't deserve rescuing from your mental prison if this is you.

If you think the purpose of a woman is to elevate your self-esteem by pretending to be less, then you don't deserve human happiness, and you should be allowed to wither and die as you are. You are finishing Darwin's work by being you, being pushed out of the gene pool.

If that is you, you don't get any empathy for being that way because it's your fault for being insecure and not the world. It would be best if you didn't bring any understanding of being the way you are. You have to grow, and nobody can do that but you without any help from the world around you.

You have to see opportunity in people who are better than you at things rather than competition. If you can't do that, you're not meant to survive, and it's your fault, no one else's, and indeed not a woman's. If the only thing you can think about is how you feel about yourself, then you are not grown enough. You are too weak to deserve a woman if that is you. In my experience, it takes about a decade to fix the problem that is your perspective and how you shape your self-esteem and interaction with the world. For many of you, it's too late, and you'll finish your life as you are. We should just cut our losses and ignore you if you are abusive because you are insecure.

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