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Jealousy & Logic

Jealousy is an emotion I lack the capacity to feel. It does not change what I have, so what is accomplished with any negativity that follows from it? Seeing others lose what they have does not change what I do not have, and the only emotions I can feel are those about what I have in this regard.

In the context of the existence of others, the only thing that exists in the universe is what I have in my mind or want to have. I want no part of the story of others and what they have. We have no connection to each other this way. We are not one people this way. We are not connected this way. I have empathy for other people. I wish them the best. I try to protect the innocent. This is extra energy after I get what I want. I don't have the capacity for another feeling as it relates to collective belonging and jealousy. It serves no purpose.

I presume other people are as cognitively self-aware and logic-organized as this. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone could reach this Zen.

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