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In 2019 Kevin Kane co-founded Ambit, Inc. dba American Binary—a quantum-safe networking and cybersecurity company. Kevin previously founded Jumpgate Technologies Ltd., a machine learning driven systematic equity L/S hedge fund manager trading with approximately 39.7 million USD in capital. Kevin also founded Automata Ltd., and Claro Automata, LLC–a Cayman Investment Manager and Semantic Analysis technology firm respectively.


Claro Automata’s team was aqui-hired by Rotella Capital Management to head their machine learning driven global macro and futures strategies. Rotella was a (give or take) 27-year track record CTA/hedge fund manager that later shifted to become a financial services technology company re-branded with his core team founding that transition. Prior to starting companies Kevin worked in technology advisory and scouting with Lux Research, leading their South Korea business development effort. Kevin speaks (with native pronunciation), reads, and writes Korean language.

Kevin began his career in the United States Army JAG Corps where he led legal teams in the 101st Air Born, Air Assault, Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 8th US Army, and 3rd Infantry Division. With JAG he worked on criminal prosecution, war crimes, and lastly with legal claims during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kevin possesses a B.A. in Political Science from Georgia State University and an M.A. in International Studies (IR Theory) from Seoul National University. Kevin’s academic research on energy economics, oil markets, geopolitics, and IR theory is cited in numerous books and journals. 

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